Dumbass Fraud!

$145,000 ?

There is so much good Dumbass News today that I had a hard time deciding what to post. So when in doubt I always go with the story that features a dumbass Liberal from the West Coast. They’re always good for a laugh. And that’s exactly what I did. There are more dumbass Liberals on the West Coast than there are fat kids at a Chocolate Chip Cookie Festival. I’m just sayin’.

There is this dumbass broad named Loewen in Ferndale, Washington who is the focus of our story today. Loewen is a fucked up name to begin with, even for a dumbass, so let’s just call the idiot “Dumbass”. Check this shit out. from the UPI story we get this gem, “Investigators said 59-year-old Loewen B. Craft was wearing a gray wig and makeup to make her appear older when she arrived at the Industrial Credit Union bran ch in Ferndale, Wash., allegedly to open an account in her deceased mother’s name, The Bellingham (Wash.) Herald reported.” What the hell? But, wait! There’s more! “Craft’s mother, Betty Becker, died in 2007. Elfo said Craft collected more than $145,000 in benefits from her mother’s Chevron Oil pension fund. Craft allegedly obtained a false identity in her mother’s name before her mother died” $145,000?! I’d like to congratulate Loewen on setting the new standard for dumbassery. The bar has been lowered, so the rest of you dumbasses waiting to make The Big Time (this blog), you’ve got some serious dumbassery to beat here. Don’t despair, however, competition among dumbasses is good for dumbassery, it’s the American Dumbass Way where only the strong will survive.

Anyway, Loewen is safely locked up the county jail where she cannot procreate and have a bunch of little dumbasses running around like cockroaches when the kitchen light’s turn on late at night. Dumbass.


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