Dumbass College Paper Editor Has a Bright Future

Successful Because They Make a Lot of Mistakes

Oh, goodie. Just what the world needs….another dumbass journalist. I gotta admit, though, the boy’s got a good head start. Let me splain.

Western Illinois University has got to be held accountable for lettting the dumbass of our story slime his way through their institution of “higher learning” (bwahahahahahahaha) Now that I’ve quit laughing, let’s move on. I’ll clip a portion of the UPI article about this dumbass, “Ed Komenda, editor-in-chief of the Western Courier, said the phrase “bad mother” followed by a vulgar four-letter euphemism for fornication was accidentally printed in Monday’s byline as a result of a template created years ago as a joke, WQAD-TV, Moline, Ill., reported Wednesday”. A dirty word in a college newspaper???It’s the end of civilization as we know it! Dumbasses. The dumbass moment is still to come, so stay with me.

Here’s the kicker, so please make sure that you are seated. The editor of the school paper said, “One of my favorite sayings is, ‘In order to do something well, you have to do it bad first.’ You make mistakes and you learn from them. That’s how you learn to be an award-winning paper, by making a lot of mistakes,” he said. let me run that last sentence by you one more time. ‘That’s how you learn to be an award-winning paper, by making a lot of mistakes.” Are you fucking kidding me? And just think…all this time I thought award-winning newspapers actually practiced this little thing called “journalism”. Am I a dumbass or what? Getting information on a story and piecing together the facts and reporting them thusly has absolutely nothing to do with a successful newspaper! Kiss my ass. This kid has a very bright future ahead of him at some of the most “prestigious” newspapers in this country. Just to name a few, the L.A. Times, Washington Post and the Old Gray Lady, the New York Times do shit like that all the damn time! Mistakes (or downright lies) are part of the every day fare of these “successful” newspapers. Oh, wait. I forgot that these scandal sheets are losing readers by the thousands every month, to the delight of pet parakeets everywhere. So, Ed the Dumbass Editor, you might want to rethink your plans there, Hoss. Drunk, fat and being a dumbass is no way to go through life, son. And, Ed, do me a solid, young brother. For the love of God and humanity, please DO NOT pro-create! Dumbass.



  1. Anonymous

    Anyone who writes "let me splain" should think before they criticize anyone else. I'm so proud that fine bloggers like yourself can avoid dumb-ass-ery. I mean with insults like "DO NOT pro-create" how could anyone disagree with you? So poetic and creative. You are probably the first blogger to every criticism someone with such excellent form. Well done, dumb ass.

  2. Toby

    My very own troll has commented twice. You mean criticize somebody for writing something like "first blogger to every criticism someone with such excellent form. Well done, dumb ass.' That's directly from your comment. Well done, dumbass.

  3. Toby the Troll

    So, let me get this straight.. You're trying to be a troll, right? Fucking cool bro. You get hard off of saying stupid shit and having people respond. Well you're about to get a real rager from this, you fucking tool.You must be so overcome with down syndrome that you can't even come up with something worth blogging about. He let a swear word slip into a paper. Big fucking deal? But no, that's not what you pretend to care about. You're pissed about the fact that people actually give a fuck about what he has to say – unlike yourself. This little shithole corner of the internet is irrelevant and you're raging about it. But that's alright. I GUESS it's somewhat justified by the high probability that you were beaten as a child and made fun of at school. Sorry, I meant to say you were "pwned" at home and school.But anyway, I'll let you slime your way back to your shitty blogging. No wonder why it's called "Dumbass News." It's ran by the biggest of them all.

  4. Toby

    Hey, Einstein. it has NOTHING to do with a swear word, asswipe. read it again. Oh, I forgot, you just look at the pictures. I am using your comments as a teaching tool to all other basement dwellers. See the previous comment, basement people? This is a poor example of trolling. To be a good troll, you must be able to think past the 2nd grade insult level. One more thing. I have a question for the troll-wannabe. Do YOU have a blog? Or any paid writing assignments? I do. Pwned again, sweetness.

  5. Toby the Tool

    You like the word Einstein, huh? Unoriginal piece of shit. Second time you pulled that one out within the replies you've put up so far. Your vast vocabulary must be the result of that English degree you have. No, I don't have a blog but let me let you in on a little secret.. anyone with half a fucking brain cell can have a blog. Does getting paid from having ads on a shitty blog count as a paid writing assignment, sweetness?If you'd actually read my reply, and not been so concerned with how small your dick is, you'd notice I pointed out that it had nothing to do with the swear word. I'm quite sure I hit the nail right on the retarded head.I find it quite likely that if anyone here is a basement dweller, it's you.

  6. Toby

    You call me unoriginal and then you swipe "sweetness" from my comment? Put down the bong, blow off the Cheeto dust from your desk and go upstairs. Mommy's calling you. You said, "anyone with half a fucking brain cell can have a blog." Same can be said for those who comment on a "shitty blog". Shakespeare yo ain't cupcake.

  7. Anonymous

    I believe when "Toby the Tool" was replying to your comment, he was mocking you by using the word 'sweetness.'If you're that thick. I believe you need to write a blog about yourself.

  8. Toby the Faggot

    As anonymous said, I was mocking the retardedness that is "Toby." What kind of name is that anyway? Toby. Haha, that's the name of a pedophile in the making.I feel the need to quote something you said in your last reply…"You said, "anyone with half a fucking brain cell can have a blog." Same can be said for those who comment on a "shitty blog"."How does what I said have anything, ANYTHING to do with me commenting on your idiocy on this terrible blog? Nevermind the retarded Shakespeare thing.

  9. Toby

    BTW, Troll…how are things in Newark? I thought New Jersey would have a better class of trolls. I guess I overestimated a bunch of Yankees again.

  10. Anonymous

    Now you have your family picking fights for you? Great job killer.And I'm not in Newark. I'm actually in Kentucky. But oh well right?Let's tally the awful comebacks now:2 for Cheetos2 for Mommy3 for basement dweller1 for Shakespeare (Why, I do not know)You're an original idiot. And I hope the clicks I am giving you for viewing your stupidity will go towards school in which someone will teach an old dog new tricks… if he can learn them.

  11. Toby

    Kentucky? That explains everything. No wonder you come to a post that's almost two weeks old to "comment". Kentucky (which I happen to like by the way) has a bad enough reputation as a state full of inbred hicks and dumbasses. You prove that to be true. Have a nice day. Goatfucker.

  12. Anonymous

    Goatfucker. See now, you're getting better! Congrats!Wow you guys are so original it makes my "yeller teef" hurt.And the reason I came is because this blog was posted in a blog of a collage of mine. It was talking about how the pot was calling the kettle black.I'm still having a hard time seeing how you thought I was from Newark? And I'm finding it funny that you you love the state I am from yet you still ridicule it. You need some priorities son.

  13. Anonymous

    "Am I a dumbass or what?"Yes. If you look up his paper. They recently won some awards for writing from the ICPA. I'm guessing that is what he meant. But if you don't do YOUR research, how would you know that?

  14. SimplyHeather

    why would you go through all this trouble, leaving all these comments and all of them negative on a "shitty blog"? Seems to me you care too much and I wonder why that is, unless your just a lonely bitter person with no personality. You are jealous of the things you see in the writer of blog, so in your insane jealousy you put down how he does his research, how he writes right down to how he spells things. Is there so little going on in your life that this has consumed you ? Its a very sad case I would advise you to talk to a dr about your problems and leave my husband's blog alone.

  15. Anonymous

    No, I just like to put people in their place on the internet when they blindly call kids trying to get an education an idiot. How would you like it if someone criticized one of your daughters online for something they said that was beneficial to the way they feel about making a mistake? But your husband didn't think about that when he wrote his blog now did he.I'm not the only one that's criticizing him in this blog btw. Its a few people and we all seem to agree that he's been an idiot. So maybe instead of me, or the other people trolling you, that should see a doctor, your husband should evaluate who he's calling a dumbass when he himself is acting like a dumbass.

  16. SimplyHeather

    Ok my husband gets his information from other articles, He takes them on face value for what is written in the article. It sounds to me as though you are making a threat against our daughter and so help me God if you do that let's just say I am a mother bear and I protect mine. I have a feeling your "friends" are all your internet personalities you have created for yourself to make it seem to others that you have a life. Again why would you and your so called "friends" want to go through all this trouble. These are my husband's daily blogs if you dont like them you have the freedom to view others you do like.

  17. Toby

    Ok, where to start? I called the college guy a dumbass for the way he said what he said. he is in college, so he is over 18, the age of majority in this country (that means he's an adult). You cam eonto MY blog talking shit from the very start and I am the one who needs to see a doctor? You are a fucking numb nuts or a Liberal, but I repeat myself. You came to a post that's almost two weeks old to be a concern troll and I'm the idiot? That's rich, Agnes. if you and your friends obsess over a small blog like this one, how do you react to a major blog that hurts your feewins? You and your weenie friends are pussies, plan and simple. I am done with you for the night. But, please stop by again. It's been fun. Shit Stain.

  18. Anonymous

    I'm not threatening your daughter. I'm not that much of an asshole. I'm just putting this guy in his place and if you want to believe that all these people are me, go ahead. Your husband was an asshole for saying some kid who made a mistake is "fat" and shouldn't "pro-create" or what have you. You wouldn't like it if someone wrote it about your daughter and I'm sure this kids parents would be angry if they found that he wrote it about their son.Stop being self centered and really think about what I'm saying ma'am.

  19. Anonymous

    Read what I wrote Toby! Fucking read, since you seem to be good at it. I didn't say you should go to the doctor, I said we don't need a doctor, you need to evaluate how you talk about other people. Or you're gonna get trolled for being an asshole.

  20. SimplyHeather

    He's a grown man he's 18 years old. My husband was referring to an article written. You know what they say about opinions and if you like it or not that is his. We get your opinion so stop being a pin head. All I can say is my husband must be doing something right if its gotten you so pissed off. hahhaa cheers!

  21. Toby

    You have put NO ONE in his place on this blog. You value your own words too much. If you want to have a dialog, then let's have one. being a total dick and an inbreed is no way to go through life, son.

  22. Woodward

    This is why journalism is declining: nuggets of crap like this floating through the blogosphere. Good work, Toby. Aspiring journalists everywhere should look up to you. They'd be much better off, as you're a prime example of how professionals shouldn't act. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors, sir. I really do. You're going to need every bit of it.

  23. Toby

    Look, amigo, I am NOT a journalist, I don't pretend to be a journalist and don't want to be a journalist! This blog is all about pointing out silly, sometimes stupid stuff that goes on around us. Much of what I write is with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. It's about showing the absurdity in some stuff by BEING ABSURD! That's the bottom line. I can tell you mean well and I honestly hope that you'll read this blog from a satirical view point. maybe it'll make a little more sense to you why I write things the way I do. I ain't a journalist, like I said, I am just a guy with a weird sense of humor and a computer. It's that simple. take care, young brother.Toby

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