Dumbasses Now Have a Reason to Get Fat

It’s almost 1:30PM, EDT and I have put up nothing new. Even you Dumbasses can see that.

I tell ya what I’m gonna do….

I know that there at least enough of you to have read this blog just under 75,000 times in total. By using basic math and the Law of Averages, I can accurately surmise that some of you are BIG people. By BIG I mean fat, lardass, heavy, have-another-chesseburger BIG people. Please understand that I ain’t making light fun of you, Wide Load friend, I am about to do you a favor. Srsly.

Today I am gonna give you a reason to pack on a few pounds.

July is National Ice Cream Month!!!

National Ice Cream Month dates back to 1984 when July was so proclaimed by President Reagan.

Beer Belly Waiting to Happen

Read the rest of the story to get a flavor of what this special month is all about, including a History of Ice Cream, right here.

And then go on about ya bad self and start on your journey to Porkerdom!



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