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Beef Blogonoff: A New Dumbass to Read!

Beef Blogonoff

Folks, I have found a new Dumbass. I got a comment on one of the TexNetMaine Blogging Empire member blogs over the weekend and it was to my good fortune because it took me straight to a real live Dumbass – Beef Blogonoff. Now if that’s not a Dumbass name for a blog, I don’t know what is. When I first saw it, I got a tear in my eye. It’s a beautiful thing. <sniffle>

Beef, as he prefers to be called (because his real first name is Frances or some other Dumbass shit), left a link to his blog in his comment, so I went to check it out. It’s damn funny stuff that only a True Dumbass could come up with. The blog entries are short and sweet with a humorous twist, so it literally takes just a few seconds to read.

Beef is fairly new to blogging so he said some nice shit to me so I’d take pity and put his dumb ass on my blogroll and I am just stupid enough to do it. Little does he know however that by associating his name with this blog, he is committing blogging suicide, but what else would you expect from a Dumbass named Beef?

Good luck, Beef! It’s good to have another member in the family.