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Whore vs. Georgetown U.

Not at Georgetown

The subject of today’s post is a week or so old, but it still has legs with the State-run Media like CBS, NBC ABC, etc., so I thought it would present to me a great opportunity to trash a Godless Commie Whore. And so I shall.

Here’s What I Know

Some lady who likes to play “Hide the Weenie in My You-Know-What” recently testified before some dumbass Congressional committee espousing the idea that the US Gubmint, meaning you and me, should force businesses to cover wimmin’s birth control pills (or IUD, whatever) in their health insurance policies. This is a swell idea because such a law would involve gubmint intervention into the private lives of millions of wimmin. After all, the feds have a golden touch when dealing with everything they oversee, right? The previous two sentences are loaded with what we right wing Fearless Leaders call “sarcasm”. But, that’s exactly what this woman wants to happen. Why, you ask? Like my Right Wing Robot Master and Thought Controller Rush Limbaugh said, the bitch (my word, not Rush’s) is a slut. But that’s not the real problem.

The Real Problem

This whore is a college student. OK, so there are lots of college girls that are floozies, but that’s still not the problem. The woman in question, though, is a 30 year old college student at a Catholic university! So, this dumbass ho wants Georgetown U to, essentially, endorse her living her life as a cum dumpster by providing to her with no cost birth control pills. For those of you who may not know, artificial contraception is a BIG no-no according to Catholic Doctrine. This is the real problem. Needless to say, the Head Padre at GU was not amused. On top of this Cardinal (no pun intended) insult, Georgetown is a PRIVATE school! In many aspects of GU life, the university is bound by Catholic Law to do things a particular way. If The Slut wants them to deviate from Canon Law just so she can screw every man on campus and be provided her birth control device/medication to prevent the creation of a human life, she’s really screwed. And she won’t get kissed either.

The Way It Is

This whole argument isn’t really about some broad that wants to pork some schmoe every waking moment of her life, it’s about freedom. The freedom from the Federal Gubmint to force a private organization to kow tow to a policy that directly contradicts 2000 years of Church Law. It. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. Therefore, if Ms. “I Spread My Legs Like Kids Spread Peanut Butter” wants to get laid and not get pregnant, she can do it on her own damn dime. Better yet, quit fucking and maybe go to Mass once in a while. It might do you good. See: Magdalene, Mary.

For clarity, I am a Roman Catholic.

The Slut is a Godless Commie Hooker.

And a Dumbass.