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The Dummy Award for the Best Use of Nekkididity While Being a Dumbass

Long time readers of Dumbass News know that nekkididity has been a staple subject of the blog since the beginning. Having said that, nekkidness is not gratuitously used for cheap thrills or anything like that. It is, however, as an excuse to put a photo of a nubile young woman on the same page as the accompanying post. Like this:
I refuse to objectify women or put them in a negative light on this blog! Unless it is necessary to the plot. And what could be more necessary to the plot than a hot babe using band aids as a swim suit? Nothing! That’s what! When I see the photo to the right, I, for some odd reason other than being a pig, do not see a school librarian. Unless she has been in one of those movies. Having watched those movies (for blog research purposes only), I can assure you that she is not in any of them. Much to my dismay.

Also much to my dismay, it is time for the crowning of the “winner” of the Dummy Award for the Best Use of Nekkididity While Being a Dumbass. 

The nekkid dumbass nominees are…

Almost Nekkid Guy Who Breaks into a Cafe This dumbass broke into the cafe in question and according to the Police, β€œHe definitely had a shirt, a fleece vest and socks on,” but no pants, underwear or shoes β€” despite the subzero temperatures”. I think I’ve said enough.

Dinky the Dumbass; Nekkid Marathoner – This is part of what I wrote regarding Dinky last May: “… the nude dumbass, in all his glory was ordered by the heat to stop running and get into a squad car or he would be tased. He did not comply with this lawful order, so the local fuzz (pun intended) tasered the numb nuts (pun intended again). “Dinky”, as the crowd called him, (OK, I made that part up), immediately fell flat on his gazebos and the attendant appendage that accompanies a man’s gazebos. FYI, Dinky the Nekkid Dumbass was not a registered participant in the race. Not only did he expose his gazebos to all those in attendance, but he failed to pay the required entry fee for the marathon! This is unacceptable!”. What a dickweed.

Legal Public Nekkididoty in San Francissy Nekkid. San Francisco. Legal. Bad mojo.

There really is no winner in this line up of dumbasses, so let me put things this way..the recipient of the Dummy for the Best Use of Nekkididity While Being a Dumbass is…

The nekkid homos* of San Francissy! They win a Dummy Award from an obscure but growing by leaps and bounds dumbass blog. I hope you Godless Liberals and Folsom Street homos (SEE LINK WARNING BELOW) in the City by the Bay are proud of yourselves. This is about the best anyone could say about you. 


*I have nothing against homos. Except the perverted bastards who are homos in S.F.
****This link contains EXTREMELY Graphic Homo Material!  CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK!****


A Handicapped Dumbass Week in Review!

Dumbass Smith & Wesson

It’s been quite an eventful week, even more eventful than “normal”, here at Dumbass News. I have already broken “the news” to my Facebook amigos, so I guess it’s time to let the cat out of the bag here. Due to some debilitating dumbass health reasons and old age, but mostly debilitating dumbass health reasons, I am now Officially Retired. My doctor told me that going back to work is not an option now, so at this point  all I have is you, my fellow dumbasses. <sniffle> Thanks for being there for me…assclowns. (I say that with love.) I have already reaped one of the rewards of being put out to pasture, and that is that little blue and white “handicapped” placard you hang off your rear view mirror in your car. Now I can park in one of those special handicapped spaces at those lunatic asylums like Sam’s Club and WalMart. This is where I extract my revenge for all the years of some dipshit zipping in front of me to get a parking spot close to the store. Vengeance is mine, bitches! With Christmas shopping season almost upon us, I am gonna keep a running total, by stamping a Dumbass Caricature  on the driver’s side door (like those old WWII fighter planes) of how many assholes I can piss off when I park in the Old Farts Spot while they aimlessly search the parking lot for a space somewhere in the same zip code as the store! bwahahahahahaha!!! I should get plenty of material for the blog at the same time. Christmas shopping dumbasses.

Soooooooo without further ado (whatever the hell that means), let’s take a look at this week’s Dumbass Highlights! We had another stellar week with stories from dumbasses that even surprise me. In case you missed ’em, here they are again:

  • Legal Nekkididity in San Francissy! Yes, friends, you can now visit the Bay Area and observe homos prancing about while they are nekkid as a jay bird. I know that’s always been on my bucket list. I was in SF one time, got off my plane and saw two Oriental homos driving one of those souped up golf cart baggage carrying things and they had tongues flyin’ around like electrons on a uranium atom. I puked. Then I went to the airport bar and got drunk…with my ex-wife! (that’s a Dunmbass News story in and of itself) I kid you not. Now you see why San Fran holds some very “special” memories for me. That was one of the best hurl sessions I’ve ever had – a real Hall of Famer.
  • Inmate Sues Prison Over Soy! This dumbass is in the joint until Michael Moore slims down to 185 pounds. That’s a long time. So he’s suing the Big House because they use soy in much of their food. He’s got a weak stomach or some shit. Pussy. If KI were him, soy would be the last thing on my mind while I was in prison, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Two words you felonious nimrod – bung hole. I’m just sayin’.
  • Too Much Cussin’ & Dumbass Newspaper Headlines My Mom says that I need to cut back on the “colorful metaphors” in my posts. I offer my counter point to that suggestion with some well thought out and reasoned bullshit arguments otherwise. My Mom called me after she read my reply and now I have to stand in the corner for 15 minutes a day for a week. Gee thanks, Mom. The other half of this post is the rock ’em, sock ’em world of Dumbass Newspaper Headlines! Excuse me, I still have 4 minutes left in my appointment with the corner.
  • Veterans Day; Not a Dumbass in the House: This is a rare bear here on the pages of Dumbass News. A serious post. In thanking the Armed Forces personnel who are now serving our country, I thought a quick look at how Veterans Day got started would be kinda cool. It is.

Thanks are in order for you, my kindred spirit of a dumbass, for making this probably the best week (visitor-wise) that the blog has ever had. I am as grateful as a dumbass could be. Now get to fuckin’ reading and be sure to invite your friends to come be in awe of the monumental brilliance that graces these pages. Don’t be shy…leave a comment. I know your keyboard doesn’t have a crayon font, so do your best.