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Here’s a Dumbass Triple Header!!

Fire, McDumbasses and Olberdouche

It’s my wife’s birthday today!!! I am looking forward to making it special for her. I also look forward to making this post special for you. In doing that, I have looked back in time at the blog archives, and have picked out some doozies for your edification. You are sure to feel better after reading about the dumbasses whose lives make yours look like Leave It To Beaver.

That said, here we go………

  • Olberdouche Keith Olbermann gets his. Twice! Once from me and a follow up thrashing that will make you smile. 
  • McDumbasses in San Francisco Another dumbass move in a neverending series of dumbass moves to come from this Liberal infested commune. Dumbasses.

You’ll like the posts that I linked to today and I’ll enjoy the day with my wife as we celebrate her birthday. Have a good one and we’ll see you soon!! Adios.