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The Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde Has Returned!

After three stinking weeks of waiting for my new internet provider to come through, I am back! Go ahead, admit it, you missed me you Dumbass.

I will resume polluting your minds with the Dumbassery that you so richly deserve either later today or in the morning at Midnight EST (GMT -5 hours). So hang in there as I have been chompin’ at the bit to get back to what I do best – being a Dumbass and sharing it with the Worldwide Horde of Dumbasses in a Country Near You.

I looked at some stats before logging in today and saw that Dumbass News, despite the dearth of new material, has been growing at an astonishing rate and I have you Dumbasses to thank for that. Sometime during my hiatus, we went over 50,000 page views. That may not sound like much but consider that we were at less than 15,000 just a few months ago. This blog is now ranked by Alexa (web site rating service) at about Number 2.3 million in the world and 383,000 and some change in the USA! Do the math. The Dumbass Horde is on a Dumbass Rampage! i was not expecting such good news since i was away for so long, but The Horde stood by me. I am a humbled and grateful Fearless Leader. Thank you.

Dumbass. 🙂

Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde


Major Media Empire Announcement!

                           The Return!
 Dumbass News will return Thursday, July 21! Despite popular demand, we’ll be back kickin’ dumbass and takin’ names. Thank you so very much for your support during my hiatus. It is greatly appreciated

Let’s kick dumbass and take names!

Toby, Head Dumbass and Administrator, Dumbass News