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The Dumbass Way to Follow Santa’s Trip!

Merry Christmas!

OK, Dumbasses, it’s time to to make final preparations for the arrival of the Fat Guy in the Red Suit later tonight. I have done a bit of Google Fu and come up with several web sites that track the Jolly Old Elf as he delivers goodies to all the boys and girls around the world. the most famous and popular of these sites is the NORAD site. This is one thing that the gubmint does right.  NORAD has been tracking Santa on his yearly journey for many years, and I think that they are the most reliable and accurate. Here are the results of my Google Fu search prowess that might be of interest to you. It consists of a boatload of sites that keep an eye on The Fat Guy in the Red Suit during his flight. I might also suggest that one or more of your local TV and/or radio stations may also have the technology to track Santa and his reindeer. The point is that there is no shortage of resources that will help you and your kids follow Santa’s trip. Many sites also give you an approximate time that the Fat Guy in the Red Suit will be in your state, maybe even your neighborhood!

Sappy Stuff

You know, I get pretty stoopid and raunchy here on Dumbass News, but right now I want to be somewhat serious. 

I am so grateful to you for taking a few minutes of your time each day to lower your IQ at least five points by reading this blog. Now if you’d just hit the damn Tip Jar! It is Christmas time after all. 🙂

The Real Side

On the real side, Let me take a second to wish all you Dumbasses, Mrs. Dumbasses and all the little Dumbasses a blessed and joyous Christmas. Remember those words, “joyous” and “blessed” That’s the last time you’ll ever see them on this blog! 

God bless you all. 



Blogging Emperor Needs Help

It’s a New Category  🙂

I am a proud man. Despite the circumstances of life that have, at times, beat me down, I have always been able to fight back and kick ass and take names. I can no longer do that so easily. The time has come for me to put my pride aside and do something that I never wanted nor expected to do. I am going to ask you, the reader, to consider making a donation to my PayPal Account. It’s safe and secure and I use them myself and I don’t take online security lightly. In my opinion, PayPal keeps your information safe and secure. I hope that allays any concerns you might have.

Here’s the Deal: First off, let me tell you that I expect no sympathy nor do I ask for any. I am simply asking you to consider making a donation because I have worked  very hard to make my blogs better each day. True, my readership has grown by leaps and bounds, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into any income for me. I understand that that’s the way blogging is, so I am not blind nor ignorant to such facts. I do my blogs for fun but with the idea of making a little money, too. So far, I have readers in at 97 countries, but as of this point, no cash flow. Many small independent bloggers experience this type of situation, so what am I doing is not out of line, it’s just humbling and embarrassing. However, I have to swallow my pride and present to you the facts about my current situation and you can make your decision.

Here’s the Deal, Part II: If you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking with me. My lifestyle has dramatically changed over the last year or so. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and each has gotten progressively worse. I am able to walk (just barely), but I’m sure I’ll need a wheelchair or something to get around very soon. It’s hard for me dress myself and sometimes  my wife has to help me tie my shoes. Worse yet, soon I won’t be able to walk a creek bank where Fish.Fear.Me. I can’t play with my 4 year old little girl like a “normal” Daddy and that hurts me worse than anything. Hell, it hurts like a son of a bitch just to sit here and type this post. I go on, but I think you get the idea.

If your able to throw in a couple of bucks, just click on the PayPal Donate button in the right sidebar and you’ll be prompted to so what needs to be done from there. Let me remind that I am simply asking for a little help, but if you wanna hit the Tip Jar with enough to buy a new bass boat, that’s cool too. LOL

I am grateful for each one of you and whether or not you hit the Tip Jar will in no way affect my sincere appreciation for your continuing readership. Besides, I wouldn’t know who donated what anyway.

Thank you for helping my dream of the TexNetMaine Blogging Empire getting closer, day by day, to becoming  player in the blogosphere. Without you, I would be an awful lonely voice way out there in the ether.

Thank you,
Toby, CEO and a Bunch of Other Letters That are Meant to Be Impressive, but I am simply The Head Dumbass of the TexNetMaine Blogging Empire