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Dumbass Raaaaacist Flashback!

Raaaaacist in Chief

Hello, Dumbasses! It’s the weekend once again and that means it’s time for a Dumbass Flashback! Yes, a Dumbass Flashback, where I spends hours a couple of minutes playing eenie meenie miney moe searching my ass off, looking for stories from days gone by to fill space for your review or, in the case of new readers, first time viewing. I looked for these stories for hours on end damn near a minute and a half to find some stuff that will make you wanna puke excite you and delight you.

So, take ’em or leave ’em enjoy them till you heave to your heart’s content!

The Ice Kream Klan is Coming! – I wrote this piece back in October of 2011. A couple of nights ago I got an email alert that someone had made a comment on it. So I went to check it out and what ensued was comedy gold! Reading the comments from some dumbass Yankee trying to tell me that I am a bigot (a Texas bigot no less!) is flat out hilarious. As you would expect i stomped a verbal mudhole in that pussy boy and had a lot of fun doing so. In fact, it was so much fun, that my wife joined in on it! This is a MUST READ!

Dumbasses and Their Texts – Not only do dumbasses do some really stoopid shit, they text some really stoopid shit, too. There are so many examples of dumbassery that I had to link to the source so you could read ’em all. Prepare to be be laughing your ass off.

If Your Baby Says “Yuck”, He’s a Raaaaacist!– I put this in here in “honor” of the pencil dick commenter  in “The Ice Kream Klan” story who thought he was being so brave by taking me on in a battle of the Dumbasses. The babies that say “yuck” are obviously of Southern Heritage, as no self-respecting Yankee baby would ever say “yuck”.

Like I tell my kids, “That’s what’s on your plate, now eat it or don’t eat at all!”.

Have a great weekend y’all! And remember, you spell “raaaaacist” without 5 “a”s. Take it from a bigoted hick. And the Pencil Dick Commenter.



If Your Kid Says "Yuck", He’s a Raaaaacist!

Future Raaaaacist?

The dumbasses in London are at it again! England was once a World Power thanks to leaders like Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher. Since then, the island nation has been infested by Liberals, Socialists and Crybaby “Asians”, not Orientals, but “Asians”, and it finds itself on the fast track to Third World status, its freedoms swirling down the Toilet of Nanny Statehood. Following is an example of this fall from Grace.

The National Children’s Bureau (Orwellian-sounding , isn’t it?) released a 366 page report, I mean “guide”, that shows adults how to recognize raaaaacist behavior in young children. Here. We. Go. The “guide” “warns adults that babies must also be included in the effort to eliminate racism because they have the ability to “recognize different people in their lives.” Wait! There’s more! “The bureau says to be aware of children who “react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying ‘yuck’.” 

This is directed at you new parents and all you parents to be. You’ll want to take notes, so I’ll take a smoke break and give you the time get a pen and paper. OK, I’m back. Are you ready? Write this down. If your toddler says “yuck” because he or she doesn’t like his/her peas, your child is a raaaaacist. Remember, there are always five “a’s” in raaaaacist. (That’s worth noting, too) It is so because the National Children’s Bureau has decreed it so. After all, they have your best interests and the best interests of your child at heart. Don’t they? So the next time your kid says “yuck” about something he’s eating, it is your solemn duty as a parent to say to him, ‘Listen up, you little raaaaacist bastard! You have insulted at least one minority group and we’ll not have that in this house! Eat the damn peas!” Now wasn’t that easy? Your due diligence regarding this matter will have to be a daily, nay, constant reminder to your kid that “yucking” is raaaaacist and demeaning to a minority person somewhere in the world. I feel better now, don’t you? Just think about it, your little bundle of joy is on his way to being a pussy just like the members of the National Children’s Bureau! Now that the word “yuck” has been eliminated from the kid’s vocabulary, he can react to food he dislikes by saying something like, ‘Damn, Mom! This shit sucks swamp donkey gonads!” But at least the little darling will not be insulting a bunch of professional victims by saying that awful “y” word, piss be upon them.

Yuck! Dumbasses. 

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